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Welcome to SPARTIE-LAB Productions, the arm of lab that makes our research areas as edutaining as possible!

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SPARTIE-Lab After Dark:
Are E-Sports Real Sports?

Today, Tyler and Langston journey to the MSU E-Sports Lounge, where they discuss gaming, how those who are very good have made it a career, and what that means for MSU students at ComArtSci

The Epic Rap Battle of Synchrony

The educator's most recent debate: what is better? Synchronous or asynchronous learning?

VR Class

Join Mia as she gives us a Behind-the-Scenes into Dr. Robby's VR Class at MSU.

This TikTok has 20K+ views!

VR Class with Robby 

Come take a listen to a few comments from Dr. Ratan's class in VR and how they feel about VR education!

The Metaverse - Explained

Join Mia as she breaks down the Metaverse!

The Proteus Effect Part 2

Join Mia as she further explains the Proteus Effect!

VR Class Part 2

Join Dr. Ratan as us gives us more of an inside look into his VR Class.

City Simulator

Welcome to Short Videos - Episode 3,  featuring Robby's Research Relevance Recap!

Be the Avatar You Want to See in this World

Welcome to Short Videos - Episode 2,  featuring Robby's Research Relevance Recap!

Avatar Bestie

Welcome to our first episode featuring Robby's Research Relevance Recap!